Welcome to Cleora PRO Beta

Cleora PRO Beta is your go-to platform for embedding relational data.

What Does It Do?

Simple to use, fast, and strong, it is a tool for calculation of graph embeddings. Graphs are naturally found in event transaction data, social networks, protein structures, and many other types of data. Cleora is recommended for enterprise ML - embedding of entites such as clients, products, shops, brands, categories, and many others. Such embeddings are commonly used in:

Graph embeddings can be used as an input to neural networks or other ML models, similarly to text embeddings or image embeddings. They can be used either in a standalone manner, as the only input to the model. They can be also used in conjunction with other types of embeddings.


Cleora PRO Beta is a self-contained tool which does NOT demand technical knowledge about graph machine learning. You input a simple export from your database. Cleora returns embeddings. A few configuration options are available for advanced users.

Who Is It For?

Cleora PRO Beta is dedicated for Data Scientist, Data Analysts, Data Specialists, and other data-savvy people working with relational data.


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